Drug Discovery Screening



When compounds pass on from the early screening in chemical libraries through in-vitro into in-vivo research, you still need to screen your selected drug for side-effects. In pharmacological research, screening of drugs is by doing target validation to target selection.

Feed intake – a strong method
In these projects food intake is a strong method for qualifying drugs. Having a group of mice or rats in a cage for habituation in a defined period and getting used to the conditions and a normal feeding pattern. Then you introduce your drug and see if any pattern changes from the habituation period.

Using the HM-2 system from MBRose you get an automated food/liquid intake monitoring system, without any human intervention and even a feeding pattern from each individual while group-housed.

Featured products

HM-2 – Use this system to monitor food & liquid intake in group-housed mice or rats

MP-1 – Food intake system for single housed pigs

MP-2 – Food intake system for group housed pigs

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