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Organizing, calculating and storing data safe and secure

In larger scale studies, where you need to weigh many animals several time per week, it can be a time-consuming challenge to keep track of the animals’ order. Writting weight data correctly can be difficult when animals are in the weight-container. As well known, they are curious and like to jump out of the container.

Compound dosage calculation included

Some studies also needs dosing of the animals with a compound, which is calculated from a combination of animal bodyweight and mg/ml and ml/g.
For some people this can be very stressful, because of the risk of miscalculation. This can cause bad results in the study, but even worse, it can harm the animals.

High risk of errors for both animals and the studies

The problem with these manual or semi-automatic processes is the high risk of human error in making recordings, especially when working in an environment with many disruptions, it can be tough to remember the data. Another thing is workspace. With little space to work on, you easily get lost in paperwork, which again leads to errors and ineffective working procedures. In addition the documents easily gets dirty and wet. When the registration is done the data needs to be entered into a spreadsheet for the scientist to use it.
All in all a lot of time-consuming work with a high risk of errors for both animals and the studies.

MBRose have developed some products which can be used for this purpose. These products and software are thoroughly tested by valued partners in the industry and will help you organizing, calculate and store data safe and secure.

Please have a look on our featured products and let us know if you have further question.

Featured products

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WS-2 – Large scale weighing and/or dosing for mice and rats

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