Preference Studies


Using the HM-2 station for preference studies
A preference study is an experiment in which animals are allowed free access to multiple environments/objects which differ in one or more variants.

The construction of the HM-2 station ensure that we can offer 2 channels for either food1/food2 or liquid1/liquid2 and have food or water in the cage lid.

The HM-2 station makes the study very efficient, accurate and ethical, due to the fact of group-housing the animals, therefore more animals through and you get all data on each individual by consumption and ingestive behavior with the RFID technology.

Get consumption, entries, duration, non nutritive visits…..
Using the HM-2 station you get feed and liquid intake measurement and the ingestive behaviors.

Relative consumption of variants, the number of entries and duration of time spent, non nutritive visits, circadian rhythm of the cage, are very interesting parameters to measure. Additionally we can learn more about the episodic drinking and eating pattern by looking closer into the specific meals and in some cases the specific bouts.

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HM-2 – Use this system to monitor food & liquid intake in group-housed mice or rats

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