HM-2 – Food/ Water/Liquid intake monitor for group-housed rodents



The HM-2 system is the only commercial online food/water intake and activity monitor on the marked that continuously monitors feeding and drinking activity in two independent channels (e.g. feed and water/liquid) in group-housed rodents. The channels are designed for low spillage, for high standards of hygiene, and for ease of operation and cleaning. The feeding and drinking data is collected without human intervention. The system record events with a time stamp in millisecond, the start time of each meal, the amount of food consumed, the duration of the meal, and the finishing time. Activity is monitored on the cage-level and gives you a circadian rhythm of the social group. Setup configurations allow the researcher to establish the parameters for the experiment, study and session in advance. The system can operate with or without refilling the feed hopper and water bottle, due to the event based system. It allows feed intake data to be collected automatically without disturbing the animal’s normal eating behavior.

Product brief 



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