• Mounts quickly and easily to the pen enclosure with adjustable brackets for correct feeding height.
  • Trough designed for high standards of hygiene, minimum food spillage, and ease of feed filling and cleaning.
  • Full operational control at the FIM allows individual experiments to be started and stopped directly from the pen.
  • A single cable connects both power and data network to the central data collection unit.
  • Up to 48 FIMs may be connected through the network to the central unit.
  • Data collection using the HM-Win database allows robust collection of information, which is then made available by the data viewer or via interface filters to Excel®, SigmaPlot® and Graphpad Prism®. It also allows export facilities to other lab databases.
  • For remote site monitoring, the FIM may collect data using a stand alone operation mode without a central unit.
  • Simple tare function of the entire system or of individuals.
  • The FIM emits no light, no heat and no noise.
  • A built in calibration function allows simple calibration to meet company quality standards.

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