Animal Tracking using RFID



RFID introduction

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags/transponders attached to an object. The tag contains an electronic stored identification code. RFID in our field of work is a passive identification system, which means that the tag will only revile its identity when asked from a reader. The reader supply the energy for the tag to go active and picks up the identification code.

We have been working with RFID for many years and holds a lot of knowledge and experience on this area.

New project

One of our new projects is the HM-3 system – A tracking system that keeps track on were the animals are and for how long. This system really gives you the complete picture of  the activity level of the individual rat and its colony. You really see the value when you compare a habituation period with a study period. This can be a specific compound you want to screen, maybe surgery induced models or health monitoring.

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