One secure software for all the data gives you an easy overview

With the increasing demand for data security, new strategies are required for planning, collecting and storage of experimental data from computer-controlled in vivo test models. In traditional test systems, where file based storage of acquired data is used, the researcher is required to export and keep track of several files from each study and to manage and analyze data in separate programs. In order to maintain a reasonable level of data security, such systems require very strict safety procedures, especially when the data are stored on a shared network drive with multiple users and incomplete access rights. Furthermore, most behavioral test models are controlled by very different types of software, requiring experience in several different user interfaces and data sampling procedures.

Improved data security, user friendly and eliminating human errors

The HM applications are an SQL based progression of the former renowned ES-applications1), and developed with the aim of improving data security, eliminating human error and providing user friendliness of computer controlled behavioral test models. The system presents a versatile solution to the problem of data housekeeping in a paperless, modern behavioral laboratory, where a number of technicians and researchers routinely use the same test models

Optimal basis for deriving and tracking data

The HM applications employment of database technology make it possible to link data collected during an experiment to information on system set-up, animals, test protocols, drug treatment, experiment configuration and user comments made during the experiment. All records in the database are supplied with unique ID’s. This provides an optimal basis for deriving and tracking data and a high level of data security.

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