software-detailsThe HMView program is identical to the HM02Lab in all aspects except for the cockpit control center of the system. As the HMView is intended to be at the office desk of the researcher and lab technician, it allows you to do everything related to the planning of Experiments, Studies and Sessions and to extract and view results available in the data base. This way researchers and technicians can prepare studies and view results offline in their office environment and only need to go to the animal unit when their study are due to be started or treatment is needed.

The possibility to retrieve detailed information of let´s say drinking behaviour, with features that greatly enhance or understanding of it. With the user friendly interface you can study the drinking behaviour over time in terms of number of drinking bouts, inter-bout-interval, drinking rate, volume for each individual bout and more.

Another feature is the possibility to define the criteria’s for bout start and stop for later analysis of the drinking bout durations, drinking rate and volume consumed during individual bouts.

The HM-2 system is an excellent research tool. It is flexible in a way that makes it easy to plan studies, to set up experiments and to handle, store and analyse data.”

Definition of meals

Available report: Feeding Kinetics
Quantity of food consumed during feeding meals (g)
Time to first feeding meal (minutes, seconds or hh:mm:ss)
Intermeal interval (minutes, seconds or hh:mm:ss)
Duration of feeding meals (minutes, seconds or hh:mm:ss)
Number of feeding meals
Total food intake pr. hour/24hour/experiment
Dark-light cyclus of parameters mentioned above

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