Designed to register individual food consumption of group-housed pigs

MP02Lab is the software coming with the MP-2 station.mp2

The MP-2 station is designed to register individual food consumption of group-housed pigs.
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Full control of the individual sessions

The software MP02Lab is the control center for configuring and running the MP-2 station and therefore a very crucial part. From this program you can perform all configurations and setup functions related to the setup of your study. You can start and control the individual sessions and you can watch the results of your study live. The <Session Monitor and Diagnostic> forms the cockpit control center of the entire MP-2 system and from here you may follow the progress of your study on system level, station level or at individual animal level, allowing you to centrally
observe if everything is working they way you intended. The MP02Lab is usually only
available on the Lab-PC this way ensuring that direct control of the study is made centrally.

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