Weighing and identification of animals and materials used in connection with these are quite common practice in a laboratory area.
The challenge is to get the data recorded properly and stored securely, so the researcher gets the most out of a given project.

MBRose recognize the challenge of working in an environment where animals are housed and that there will be nesting material, dust and dirt, which can be hard on the equipment. This we take into account, by designing our products so that components that are associated with animals always can be easily separated and cleaned.

For identification of animals we use RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.
The individual animals housed together in the same cage are identified using ISO FDXB RFID tags, e.g. DataMars®, Pet-ID®, e-Vet®. Tagging is a safe way of identifying individual animals and integrated with MBRose weigh stations and scanners it can secure a fully automated tracking of animals through the entire experiment.


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