The WS-2 weigh station is all about flexibility. The functionality is in principle the same as our WS-1 station. The main difference of the two is that WS-2 is installed with a scale that the costumer select. And because of that we decided to install the antenna that register the RFID transponder inside the animals on a flexible arm. This give you maximized flexibility to adjust the system to any given work situation. The system could be installed benchtop or even on a trolley with a laptop.

The WS-2 station is designed to ease and secure data in large scale body weighing projects and can even help you calculate dosage for each individual when registered by the antenna and weighed by the scale.

But the system can also be used with our HM-2 stations, with the same features as WS-1.

Body Weight entered directly into the database The WS-2 automatically weighs and scan RFID tagged animals and sends information to the HM02Lab application that directly associates the received data with the specific animal being weighed. This way human error is eliminated and the weighing process made efficient and fast.

The animals are identified using ISO FDXB RFID tags, e.g. DataMars®, Pet-ID®, e-Vet®. Tagging is a safe way of identifying individual animals and integrated with MBRose HM system it can secure a fully automated tracking of animals through the entire experiment.

Research Applications

  • Food intake systems
  • Obesity and diabetes 2 drug development
  • Toxicology studies
  • Larger scale body weighing and dosing programs

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