Key features



  • Designed for automated Body Weight measurements
  • Allows uninterrupted correlation between animal weight and –
  • ID, directly stored in the database.
  • ISO FDXB RFID tag identificati
  • on of animal directly at scale
  • SNUG 1500 standard scale
  • Single USB connection connects RFID and scale to Lab-PC
  • LCD Backlight display, RFID LED indicator
  • Auto calibration

Body Weight entered directly into the database

The WS-2 automatically weighs and scan RFID tagged animals and sends information to the HM02Lab application that directly associates the received data with the specific animal being weighed. This way human error is eliminated and the weighing process made efficient and fast.

The animals are identified using ISO FDXB RFID tags, e.g. DataMars®, Pet-ID®, e-Vet®. Tagging is a safe way of identifying individual animals and integrated with MBRose HM system it can secure a fully automated tracking of animals through the entire experiment.

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