WS-3 – The cordless portable weigh station




The Cordless Portable Weigh Station

The WS-3 is dedicated to the application of in-vivo scientific research in the animal unit environment. WS-3 brings data capturing and animal handling together. It supports the animal caretaker by identifying the individual animal, requests the necessary actions and automates logging by the technician reducing the margin for human error and, in turn, providing more timely reports to the scientist.

Technician: Nice cordless portable unit, with is easy to clean. Its a relief to eliminate the paperwork and not to worry about checkerboards and dose miscalculations, while handling the animals.

Manager: The WS-3 can be used in several studies during the day and less errors are made, because of less manual processes and we don´t need to worry about entering or archiving raw data.

Scientist: I design the study in my office and the technician execute it from the vivarium. The results are stored safely on our server, so I don´t need to worry about backup and the data is accessible strait away.

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