The use of electronic identification (RFID), digital weighing scales and other directly connected sensors and detectors in conjunction with a database repository, provides a highly efficient platform for the routine weighing of animals and their food and drink intake.

Ws-3 is the ultimate computer-aided mobile data acquisition station, designed to operate even at the roughest end of the animal facility, where power and network access might be inaccessible. While disconnected from the network, the incorporated controller stores all logged data independently, which is then synchronized with the main database system once network access is recovered.

WS-3 is a highly efficient and secure way of working with bodyweight assessment and dosing. It consists of a tablet, an RFID reader, a scale and sufficient battery power to keep the station operating throughout the ­­day. Mounted on a trolley it will become a versatile and flexible platform for your daily routines. No more checker boards, no more manual entry into Excel. All data is automatically transferred seamlessly to the central database whilst keeping your data safe.

The weighing process is simplified to a single movement: the animal is passed by the antenna into a container and the RFID tag is automatically identified. When weighed the system reports the scanned ID and the weight/dose data to the HM02Lab software.

Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) is all about identifying, checking and cross-checking. Designing routines and procedures to prevent errors and defining recovery procedures when errors occur. In the animal facility this includes the recording of animal handling throughout the data capture process, the recording of any specific variables in order to document the work done, as well as storing it in a way that allows easy retrieval of all data in the future.

It all begins with safe identification of the animal. Once it is automatically identified the elimination of human error enables efficient routines and procedures. This promotes efficiency meaning more time researching and no paperwork.

At MBRose we understand the importance of correct animal identification. Since 2006 we have used RFID technology and our in depth understanding of identification and recording of in-vivo documentation is core to the design, interface, outputs and solutions of the WS-3.

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