Please feel free to download any product brief of interest:

HM-2 – Food & water intake monitor for group-housed rodents

HM-2 product brief – ver. 2.3

HM-2+  Food and Liquid Intake for socially housed mice – Drop in Cage Unit

HM-2+ product brief – ver. 1.0

HM-3 –Automated Tracking of Motion and Body Weight for Objective Monitoring of Rats in Colony Housing

HM-3 product brief – ver 1.0

WS-1 – The stationary weigh station

WS-1 product brief – ver. 2.2

WS-2 – The stationary flexible weigh station

WS-2 product brief – ver. 1.0

WS-2u – The stationary flexible USB weigh station

WS-2u product brief – ver. 1.0

MP-1 – The online feeding monitor for single-housed pigs

MP-1 product brief – ver. 1.1

MP-2 – The online feeding monitor for group-housed pigs

MP-2 product brief – ver. 1.1a

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